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The NAME or TITLE of this BLOG (“NATIONS XXI”) refers to the contemporary NATIONS “officially” existing in our ACTUAL WORLD (XXIth. CENTURY) and inscribed in or recognized by the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION (UN); which contains 194 Nations, presently.

In order to:

> Publish and divulge its contents, this BLOG contains general, basic and actualized information about all the CONTEMPORARY NATIONS of our WORLD; systematically extracted from the CYBER-SPACE, but mainly from WIKIPEDIA.

> ACCESS the INFORMATION, of each NATION, just “click” on the ACTIVE ELECTRONIC LINK already established on the (popular) NAME of each NATION (written with SKY BLUE LETTERS);  either enlisted on its GENERAL and ALPHABETICAL LIST, exposed on the “ALL NATIONS, IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER” PAGE or its respective CONTINENT-PAGE, from the general or main and upper MENU.


Posted 08/07/2014 by nationsxxi

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