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For information about any NATION, “click” on the ELECTRONIC LINK (written in SKY BLUE letters) assigned to its NAME:

am01-Antigua & Barbuda-am02-Argentina-am03-Bahamas-am04-Barbados-am05-Belize-am06-Bolivia-am07-Brazil-am08-Canada-am09-Chile-am10-Colombia-am11-Costa Rica-am12-Cuba-am13-Dominica-am14-Dominican Republic-am15-Ecuador-amo16-El Salvador-am17Grenada-am18-Guatemala-am19-Guyanaam20-Haiti-am21-Honduras-am22-Jamaica-am23-Mexico-am24-Nicaragua-am25-Panama-am26-Paraguayam27-Peru-am28-Saint Kitts & Nevis-am29-Saint Vincent &  The Grenadines-am30-Saint Lucia-am31Suriname-am32-Trinidad & Tobago-am33-United States-am34-Uruguay-am35-Venezuela


Posted 09/07/2014 by nationsxxi

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